Diamond Global Opportunity Ltd


What consumers want or need changes a lot. We stay ahead of these changes and seize new growth opportunities through digital transformation, omnichannel commerce, value chain optimization, and advanced analytics, and use all the things we learn to shape the way we improve customer experiences.

Our proven, full-function B2C/B2B sales teams help drive inbound, outbound and online sales, signups and test drives. Leave sales operations to us with our digital/Web services, channel and app support, order fulfilment and account management so that you focus on product and strategy. Cross-sell/upsell, grow share-of-wallet, renew subscriptions, and reactivate lost/dormant customers with advanced analytics for behavior/usage insights and performance reporting for sales productivity.

Bring a “wow” factor to every customer engagement. Generate value from every interaction, identify your most valuable customers and nurture lifelong advocates. Trust our decades of bringing the right people, technologies, best practices and an unbeatable “fanatical for our customer” culture together for the top brands of the consumer electronics industry.

We help clients manage “true-to-brand” customer experiences by offering comprehensive product services from across basic and intermediate troubleshooting to advanced problem-solving. We provide experienced advisors, intelligent routing, analytics, desktop automation, and knowledge management solutions to enable COPC-certified customer engagement. Also, value additions like experience labs, VOC and product/usage feedback make sure you’re on top of your game.

We assist your consumers with new warranty activations, eligibility inquiries, and claims requests, managing the entire claims process through to replacements or reimbursements. Our process expertise, workflow automation, and case management tools reduce cycle times and overall claims costs, while increasing quality and customer satisfaction.

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